Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BioLite: CampStove

This is my BioLite CampStove...there are many like it, but this one is mine!

Back in December of 2011 I stumbled across a post on Soldier Systems that peeked my interest about a camp stove by BioLite.  At the time they were only taking pre-orders & I was so impressed with what I saw I knew I had to have one.  Like many others I placed my order and waited, and waited, and waited.  Well after 7 months of waiting I completely forgot about it until the UPS man delivered it to my doorstep on Thursday!  Was excited to finally test it out and it was worth the wait!!!  Below are some pictures, a few videos, and my thoughts on the CampStove. 
<3 xoxo <3
Nikki Raye

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift  Guide

 Mother’s Day 2012 is officially this Sunday….I am not your typical Mom and while flowers  & chocolate will always put a smile on my face, I would much rather be given a box of ammo and spend time with my boys at the range.   Here are few Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the gun toting mommies in your life.  However, remember that no gift will ever be greater or more appreciated than a big hug, some snuggle time, and many I love you’s !

Steel Flame’s Killbox:

Pictured is the Custom .22 Heart  Killbox  by Derrick Obatake of Steel Flame.   These pendants are formed by shooting a .22 caliber bullet (also available in other calibers) through sterling silver.  The piece is then trimmed and fitted by hand to fit into a silver frame & secured with socket head cap screws.  They have different styles available in the Killbox and it is sure to spark a conversation whenever it is worn.  I personally have a custom .45 Killbox with the signature Steel Flame Skull laid in the center of the bullet hole.  It is the only piece of jewelry that wear on regular bases besides my wedding ring.  It is a rock solid pendant, different,  beautiful, and full of win for any girl who likes guns. 

Gun Bling from GunGoddess.com

Nothing wrong with accessorizing….especially when Athena over at GunGoddess.com has some super cute accessories for you to bling her pistol or rifle out with.   My favorite is the customizable slide covers for Glocks.  You can write a message,  have a picture put on it, etc. to give it that little extra special touch.  Be sure to check out all the items that GunGoddess.com has to offer.  They have a great female line including t-shirts, jewelry, and an awesome  pink with multicam trim range bag

Billets 9mm Earphones by Munitio

Although I don’t personally own a pair of these badass ear buds….they are on the top of my wish list (hint, hint, if you’re reading this hubby)!  I recently found out about this product thanks to the second issue of RECOIL Magazine.  They offer two types of earphones and more information can be found on their website.

Chocolate Ammo

If Mom is a chocolate lover you can’t go wrong with the yummy treats offered by the folks over at Chocolate Ammo.  From ammo, to bullets, and even grenades she will have a blast taking a bite out of these milk chocolate goodies. 

Soap Weapons

From the makers of Chocolate Weapons….they also have Soap Weapons.  They make for a great gift…the only downside is they are so awesome looking you don’t want to use it.  This and many items can be found on their website.

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the Mommies out there and to the Daddy’s who have the job of being both Mom & Dad.  May your day be everything you hope it would be.

 Nikki Raye

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hell has finally frozen over.....I have offically started a blog so that I am able to post reviews, share my adventures, and have some good old fashioned fun in a way that will allow me to be a lot more indepth & personable than just on my Facebook Fan Page.  Looking forward to getting down to business!!!  Enjoy <3
Nikki Raye